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Air chain hoist

Air Chain Hoist

Air chain hoist Introduction: Accurate positioning
--pneumatic hoist can be stopped at any moment as you like, so that the loads can be positioned accurately.
Adjustable speed
--pneumatic hoist’s lifting and falling speed is adjustable within the limited. And its speed is 3 times higher than that of electrical hoist, 5 times higher than chain block’s.
Simple operation
--Control lever of our hoist is easy to operate, it can quickly responds to the movements of pendent handle when the hoist is lifting or falling.
Clean, safe, and adjustable
--Inner lubrication system of our air hoist can properly get rid of the air pollution for its low noise levels. And our air hoist can work in wet, dusty and any other severe environment, it is adjustable facing different environment; All in all, our air hoist will help to prevent fire accidents, electricity attacks, and no break-ups.
Light and easy to transfer
--pneumatic hoist is small and light in weight, good in design, only one person can deal with it.
Overload protection
--The load can be well protected if its weight surpasses the limit thanks to the air hoist’s great brake motor system and its construction.
Protection against cutting off the air
--The weight will stop falling when cutting off the air, and then you will be able to descend the weight by hand, so pneumatic hoist (pneumatic hoist) is safer than traditional hoist at this point.
Durable in use
--pneumatic hoist has longer working time compared with other hoist because of its good quality, unique and perfect construction.
Less consumption of air and efficient
--pneumatic hoist can start working with very small consumption of compressed air, this will save the cost in electricity.

Air chain hoist Parameters:

Air chain hoist Parameters

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